Embroider directly on a garment or have your idea designed into a badge. 

For textile and quilting artists, Wild Currant Embroidery will expertly stitch out your embroidery designs on the fabric blocks you'll provide. 

To select color for the embroidery threads.  Click on the THREAD COLORS button.  This link will redirect you to the entire color selection.  Take note of the thread color name and the RA #122 thread number.  Wild Currant Embroidery has nearly 150 different colors of the AMERICAN & EFIRD-Rayon Super Strength Thread  in stock.  This premium-twisted rayon embroidery thread is made with brilliant colors and has a silky, lustrous appearance and a soft, smooth feel.  Special thread color orders are possible for a fee if there isn't one that's appropriate.


TO GET A QUOTE FOR YOUR LOGO OR DESIGN EMBROIDERED on an item, a copy of the design run sheet(s) or the actual digitized design needs to be reviewed.  Click the REQUEST A QUOTE  button and you will be directed to the CONTACT page.  There you may request a quote form and one will be emailed to you.  There's also a form if your logo or design is still in the art phase, and you'd like to have it digitized. 


The largest finished block size available is 14" x 20".

The cost for embroidering is $8 for a design up to 5,000 stitches.  For designs over 5,000 stitches, an additional $1 per 1000 stitches is charged, and is rounded up.



Logos vary in size and where they are placed on garments and accessories.

The typical size for the left chest logo is 4" x 4" or smaller.

A logo on a cap front, depending on the cap's profile, is between 1 1/4" to 2" high and 4" wide.




A personal name only embroidered on any garment or accessory purchased through this site is a flat cost of $5 and this includes the digitizing.

Maximum size is a 4" width for this price.